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All around the world

Our customer base extends around the world, with trawlers from the Netherlands, Faroe Islands, South Africa, USA, China, Russia, South Korea, Chile and Morocco, as well as from Iceland, all using Tor-Net pelagic trawl gear across a variety of fisheries that take in mackerel, horse mackerel, herring, sardine, sardinella, blue whiting, redfish, Alaska Pollock, lanternfish and krill ranging from the South Pacific to the North Atlantic.


During the last 3 years Tor-Net has been doing very well, the Las Palmas operation is making good progress and the company is now producing 50% of the total production there and the other 50% are produced in Iceland.  Sales in Iceland are around 25%
of the total production.  The company Tor-Net has doubled its’ size during last 3 years and we are thankful that our customers have liked our trawls and they are making good catching result for all the ships crews and the owners.  Step by step we want to grow as the reason of good catching of our trawls.


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